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Clay Industry (Nigeria) Limited was founded in 1961 by Mr Osvaldo Cappa and Mr Giulio Gianotti, and became fully operational in 1962. Both founders, now late, were the ones who introduced the usage of clay bricks and its numerous benefits to the construction world in Nigeria. In 1970 the factory was expanded with the aim of increasing production and, in 1980, more modernised types of kilns were introduced.

Since then, the continuous growth and development of the factory, its tools, machineries and, most importantly, its products, has always been crucial to the company. Their continuous commitment to delivering outstanding quality products at all times has resulted in Clay Industry becoming the major manufacturer of clay products in Nigeria, satisfying customers all over the country as well as abroad.
The already-high quality of bricks as well as the extensive range of products are always in constant expansion, in order to serve each and every customer according to their specific needs.

Clay Industry stands for unparalleled quality, experience and expertise. Nearly 60 years of successful operations are our testament to that.

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